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Deluxe Calligraphy gift set.

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💌 Bring Personal Back 💌

💞Add a one-of-a kind personal touch to gifts and letters. 

🧐Make your words as beautiful as the meaning behind them. 

Add a charming and functional decoration to your desk

📓Level-up your journaling practice!

✒️ Unique and Thoughtful Gift ✒️

Delight your friends and family! This is so unique that chances are they've never SEEN a set like this before. If they're a creative type, they have a journal/diary or they write for school or work, I promise, they'll love it. 

✒️ Fully Functional, Antique Style ✒️ 

Writing can get so boring if you do it too much. But hey, if you need to do a lot of something, do it in style! You can trust in the sturdy design of this set. This is also a great opportunity to improve penmanship, to write more accurately AND more legibly! 


🎁Deluxe set comes with 🎁

🖋️Feather Pen & Upright Desk Stand 
🖋️Borosilicate Spiral-Glass Pen & Rest
🖋️5 Unique Writing Nibs
🖋️ 5 Vibrant Color Inks: